Hiring Leigh Ann was the best money I’ve ever spent. We used her Virtual Organizing services. She organized my business and taught my employees several new organizational strategies. It only took a short time to implement the plan she designed for us. Our productivity increased immediately. We are saving valuable time and money. Better yet, her new plan has reduced the stress levels around the office and and at home. My husband is so thankful!

  Cheryl Steinberg, President
  CK Planning Services LLC 
  Denver, Colorado

Business Organizing

Should You Hire Buying Time… for Your Business?

Who Hires Buying Time…?

Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Advantages of an Organized Business

Buying Time… Professional Organizing Solutions assists businesses from sole proprietors to corporate executives. We achieve individual and organizational change by developing an organized environment.

Organizing your business increases productivity, efficiency and communication, while reducing mismanaged information, stress levels and overhead costs. Buying Time… provides you with the solutions to organize your business to perform at optimum levels and will inevitably increase your income.

Services We Provide

  1. An Initial Assessment of your organizational needs. This includes a tour of your physical and virtual facilities, interviewing key personal, evaluating office procedures and observing daily activities.
  2. A written Plan of Action which may encompass:
    • Filing systems
    • Records and information management
    • Workflow improvement
    • Office procedures
    • Space planning
    • Storage and warehouse organization
  3. On-site, hands-on organizing with you and your business to implement your customized Plan of Action. This may include: 
    • Prioritizing information
    • Eliminating excess information and files
    • Identifying and optimizing available resources
    • Repurpose and reuse existing storage
    • Improving efficiency in existing systems
    • Improve communications
    • Creating new systems
    • Establishing new methods of record retrieval and storage
    • Protecting sensitive information
  4. On-going Training and Coaching to implement new procedures and techniques. This may include:
    • Project management
    • Time management
    • Goal setting
    • New hire orientation
    • Group training
  5. A periodic Check-up helps you protect your initial investment. All systems require maintenance and updating. An organized business is well equipped to handle change.  Buying Time… should revisit your business to assess the implementation and maintenance of your Plan of Action. Opportunities for improvement will be identified and reviewed.