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This 3 car garage was previously used as storage and a dumping ground, with no room for the vehicles.  Now it houses the cars, tools, a weight bench and the largest collection of golf equipment I have ever seen.


This home was staged using the homeowner's furniture, artwork and accessories.


A home office is staged by removing the unnecessary furniture and accessories, leaving the homeowner with all the essentials.


Before:  This home/business office is typical of many offices that do not the proper systems in place to function efficiently.  The business owner was unable to find things in a timely manner, and was not sure where to begin to fix the problems.  The piles of paper, folders, files, miscellaneous items and a fax/printer machine took over the desk top leaving no work space.

After:  I worked with the business owner to develop a new filing system and created “homes” for everything that was on and around the desk.  The piles of paper that are most frequently accessed are now vertical and in folders on the desk top.  Everything from the desk top has been relocated and is within an arm’s length from the chair, except for one lamp.


Before: This computer desk and table w/ cubbies suffered from serious surface abuse and as a result had no workspace. The homeowner ran out of places to put things and couldn’t find things when she needed them. The roll-top desk and file cabinet served as storage for old paperwork and were stuffed full. The floor space in front of them had become a dumping ground. 

After: Yes, it’s the same office.  I used the base of the roll-top desk, repositioned it and the file cabinet.  We sorted, purged and organized the   drawers.  Now everything is within reach and a new system is in place and very functional. I organized and redesigned this home office using what the homeowner already had and a fresh coat of paint.  Now the homeowner can enjoy her de-cluttered, extremely functional and beautiful home office filled with her treasures.